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What Nepal Red Cross Society do in practice is that we run the ambulance services and blood banks in different locations around Nepal, support the local communities making safer homes and improving the farming practices to get better crops, raise awareness on everyday risks through variety of communication channels, advocate the decision-makers to make more humane decisions, give first-aid and road-safety training, distribute relief items like tarpaulins and hygiene kits for the people affected by disasters, and encourage the whole society to work for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion during both the peace and disaster times – just to mention something.

Our work is guided by the multiyear Development Plan, currently 7th in order. Based on the 7th Development Plan, NRCS’ key priorities are the following.

  1. Save lives from disasters and crises situations: promote relief, recovery and resilience building
  2. Enable healthy, safer and resilient living
  3. Promote Protection, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion: a culture of non-discrimination, non-violence & peace
  4. Establish responsive and responsible governance and effective management system at all levels

Nepal Red Cross Society has ten different departments who work in specific fields. Read more about what different departments do through the department pages.