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The Human Resource Management Department (HRMD) is mainly responsible for training and development, policy, rules and regulation, procedures and execution processes needed for administration and management of Nepal Red Cross Society. This department specifically contributes to ‘establish responsive and responsible governance and effective management system at all level’. (7th Development Plan of NRCS, Strategy 4).

The HRMD is working through an integrated approach, partnership and coordinated ways in the area of human resource related policy, standardization of job descriptions and evaluation of job performance, standardization of records of human resources and professional development, and identification of needs of training, development and follow-up. The Department technically supports all other departments on the above mention areas.

Key activities:

  • To formulate and develop policy, procedure, rules and regulation and program needed for providing continuity and sustainability to human resource management.
  • To provide strategic and technical support and advice to the administrative units in order to develop administrative and managerial sectors under human resource management.
  • To formulate strategy and program for continuity of human resource management sector.
  • To develop relationship, coordination and partnership activities with Nepal Government and other agencies concerned to institutionalize the human resource management sector.

Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI)

The Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI), under the HRMD, was established in 2012 aiming to bring “Excellence in Management” for the fulfilment of self-serving skills and is dedicated to the improvement of the managerial and organizational system of customers’ institutes.

HRDI is devoted to produce basic and medium level human resources within as well as outside NRCS, ensure providing consultancy services, manage professional training courses and set standards for skills required for verification.

HRDI’s vision is to aim at being the leading institute of high quality innovative management and organizational development in the country and SARD/SAARC region.

HRDI values:

  1. Quality service delivery
    We strive to give standout service to our customers, stakeholders and partners.
  2. Good corporate governance
    We strive to adhere to efficient and effective best practices, principles and values.
  3. Developing professionalism
    We strive to uplift standards of professionalism, moral sense and conduct.
  4. Innovation
    We strive to improve operational capacity by introducing new ways, ideas and products tailor made to suit the customer.
  5. Team work
    We strive to work with and treat one another with compassion, humility and respect.

Strategic Objectives

  • To provide training services to help build both “core competencies” and “specific area competencies” of governance and management.
  • To develop trainers and building training capacity of CBOs/NGOs and District Chapters of Nepal Red Cross Society.
  • To conduct organizational development (OD) research services to help conducting reforms in organizations.
  • To provide information and research services with a focus on programmatic research and analysis to help review, evaluate, appraise and design program related initiatives and activities.
  • To promote and collaborate with local, national and international partners for expanding coverage of institutional services and building capabilities for doing so.
  • To develop internal organizational and management capacities to deliver institutional services efficiently and effectively through the HRDI.


Senior Officer: Lila Khanal