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Eyes to the 2025! NRCS gathered for the Visioning Meeting

Volunteers, district representatives, youth members, staff and senior management of Nepal Red Cross Society gathered together in National Training Centre in Banepa to vision how NRCS will look like in year 2025.

The two-day meeting was full of discussions, opinions and sharing experiences. The final conclusion was a roadmap on nine different cross-cutting topics for well-functioning, sustainable and modern Red Cross Society.

– This kind of meeting was vital for Nepal Red Cross Society. We heard people from all the levels of the organisation, from operations to the management and from the local volunteers to the headquarters staff. Also, we are developing our 8th Development Plan, and this will contribute to it, said Mrs. Tara Gurung, the head of the PMER unit and main facilitator of the meeting.

Topics discussed covered for example strengthening financial management systems, monitoring and evaluation practices, human resources management, gender and minority equality within NRCS, and restructuring of the organisation – all matters of which development NRCS cannot ignore.

Protection Gender and Inclusion in social development process was one of the covered topics.

Voice of district chapters

Mrs. Rama Gautam, the President of the Red Cross district chapter of Rukumpatchim, joined the meeting in Banepa with lots of questions on her mind. For her, this kind of meeting where people from different areas and positions come together and discuss was new.

– We often feel ourselves alone in the districts, so it was really nice to hear all the encouraging and supportive words from fellow Red Cross people, she tells and gives a smile.

– This gave us also an opportunity to tell about the issues we face every day outside the Kathmandu Valley. I feel that I was heard, she continues.

Mrs. Rama Gautam is the only female President of the Nepal Red Cross district chapters.

Youth to the core

Also Shankar Panday, a youth representative from Rupandeli Youth Circle in Butwal, felt empowered.

– Participants come from different places, from urban to rural. We are learning how we can work with similar goals in so different contexts.

He was very happy for the work of the group that was thinking of how to support youth leadership and youth involvement in all the levels of the organisation.

– Youths should be part of every committee and working group, and that is what the meeting participants also agreed. This is a good start for giving recognition to the youth.

Visioning the Future: Roadmap for Humanitarian Action gathered about 100 participants from all the seven Provinces, 20 District Chapters, seven Sub-Chapters, seven Youth Circles, nine Partnering National Red Cross Societies present in Nepal, IFRC and NRCS Headquarters to Banepa on 28th and 29th of August 2019.

See the photos of the meeting here.